Connecticut Law Tribune

Connecticut Law Tribune. Fairfield, CT: Connecticut Law Tribune, 1975 – present.

Weekly newspaper reporting the full text of selected Superior Court cases in the insert: Connecticut Opinions. (This format has changed several times since 1990. From 1986-90, insert title was Connecticut Superior Court Reports; from 1991-92, insert title was Weekly Opinion Service; and from 1993-94, insert title was Connecticut Superior Court Reports.) Since 1986, Connecticut Law Tribune has also published digests of selected opinions from some state administrative agencies and from the U.S. District Court of the District of Connecticut. Also, periodical practice area supplements come as inserts and cover topics such as:

Real Estate Law: The Legalities of the Broker Business

Environmental Law

Insurance Law

Banking and Bankruptcy: The Boom is Over, Now Let the Hard Times Roll

Banking and Lawyering: How Should the Twain Meet?

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