Connecticut LawDesk

This CD-ROM is produced by West Group. It is available in either Windows, DOS and MacIntosh versions. It comes in Folio format 3.1 which has increased the speed of the search engine for more time efficient searching. Information is divided by case, statute, or annotation, then further divided into subsections of information such as section text and headnotes. Hypertext links are given to related cases, statutes, articles, and forms throughout Folio library. Also, the documents on LawDesk can be easily downloaded to a diskette in order to copy the text into a personal document. Access is available, for additional charge, to KeyCite and other Westlaw databases. Discs are updated quarterly, and a direct connection to WESTLAW is available for updating of recent cases.

LawDesk is contained on two CD-ROM discs. The initial licensing fee is $1,695.00 with a monthly subscription rate of $79.00 per month. (These are approximate price ranges as of 9/95 – call for current pricing.) Updates, in disc format, are sent four times a year.

LawDesk currently includes:

1. Connecticut Supreme Court Reports,1885 to date

2. Connecticut Appellate Court Decisions,1983 to date

3. Connecticut Superior Court Cases, 1935 to date

4. Workers’ Compensation Decisions, 1980 to date

5. Connecticut General Statutes Unannotated and Annotated

6. Former Court of Common Pleas, 1961-1974

7. Connecticut Regulations

8. Housing Court decisions, 1935 to date

9. Connecticut Attorney General opinions, 1969 to date

10. Available slip opinions

To receive a free demo of LawDesk or to obtain more information about this CD-ROM product call 1-800-762-5272.