Connecticut Reports Archives CD-ROM

 six disk CD-ROM set containing the following volumes:

  • Kirby’s Reports
  • Root’s Reports Volumes 1 and 2
  • Day’s Reports Volumes 1-5
  • Connecticut Reports Volumes 1-129
  • Digest of Decisions Connecticut (Dowling) First Series, 10 volume set
  • Phillips Digest, 3 volume set

The CD-ROM set includes the Alchemy search and retrieval software. Both the Digest of Decisions Connecticut (Dowling) and the Phillips Digest are fully indexed. Use the Alchemy software to locate volume and page in the digests, then use the same software to retrieve desired page images from the other volumes. The IBM PC compatible set contains full installation instructions and extensive on-screen help. Unlimited technical support will be provided by the Commission on Official Legal Publications at 860-741-3027.

The price for the CD-ROM set is $225.00.

Published by Commission of Official Legal Publications.