West’s Connecticut CD-ROM Library

West Publishing Company produces a CD-ROM for Connecticut on five discs. Updates come on new CD-ROM discs and are issued quarterly. To maintain currency of information between quarterly updates, West sends weekly advanced sheets in print format. The WESTLAW LINK feature allows you to access WESTLAW from the CD-ROM software in order to obtain updates within the last 24 hours. Other features include a hypertext link so the user can move quickly from statute citations in cases to the statutes themselves and then on to the cited regulations. With the subscription to the CD-ROM library, a password to WESTLAW is automatically received as well. The WESTLAW LINK allows the user to verify federal law, to shepardize, and to access key number summaries. The CD-ROM comes in a Windows version, DOS version, or a MAC version. Once the new quarterly update is received, the old discs are sent back to West.

There is no initial licensing fee in order to subscribe to any of the West CD-ROM Libraries. Subscription rates are by month and the rate varies. If the book format of the Connecticut General Statutes Annotated are owned and kept current, a discount is given on the monthly fee. It is possible to sign up on a two month trial basis or pay the subscription on a month by month basis depending on the subscriber’s financial situation.

The West Connecticut CD-ROM Library currently includes:

West’s Connecticut General Statutes Annotated – 1 Disc:

1. West’s Connecticut General Statutes Annotated

2. State Constitution and statutes

3. General Index and Popular Name Table

4. Session laws, as necessary due to legislative activity

Features include:

1. Notes of Decisions including summaries and citations to Connecticut Attorney General Opinions and federal cases originating in Connecticut

2. Legislative History

3. References to USCA, Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies, Connecticut Practice Series, Connecticut Law Review Commentaries and West’s Key Number System.

4. Hypertext links to Connecticut Reporter and USCA

Connecticut Reporter & Connecticut General Statutes (Official) – 2 Discs: (Includes Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies)

1. Connecticut case law 1939 to date as reported in Atlantic Reporter, 2d.

– Supreme Court

– Appellate Court

– Superior Court

– Unpublished Connecticut case law 1990 to date

– Worker’s Compensation decisions 1980 to date

2. Connecticut General Statutes (Official)

– State Constitution and statutes

– Connecticut state court rules

– General Index and Popular Name Table

– Session laws, as necessary due to legislative activity

– Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies

– Connecticut Attorney General opinions 1969 to date

Reporter Features:

1. Three research safety nets to match words and concepts

2. Synopsis offering a concise summary of the facts, issues and holding of the case

3. Headnotes for every point of law

4. West’s exclusive topics and key numbers

5. Pagination to Connecticut State Reports and Atlantic Reporter, 2d for accuracy and convenience using citations.

6. Hypertext links to cases cited within an opinion and to West’s Connecticut General Statutes Annotated or Official Connecticut General Statutes.

7. Connecticut Attorney General Opinions from 1969 to date.

8. Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies

Connecticut Practice-1 disc

1. In-depth analysis by Connecticut practitioners on practice and procedure.

2. Practice forms and jury instructions to copy and paste on your computer

Includes the following titles: Superior Court Civil Rules, Third Ed., Practice Book Annotated Forms, Second Ed., Superior Court Criminal Rules, Criminal Jury Instructions, Trial Practice, Family Law and Practice with Forms, Land Use Law and Practice, and Rules of Appellate Procedure.

West’s Connecticut Digest CD-ROM Edition-1 disc

Covers 1764 to date, able to search full Key Number outline and every digest topic with digest paragraphs classified under each Key Number.

There is customer support provided at no extra charge which includes reference attorneys, technical support, toll-free telephone numbers, training by telephone, training at West Information Centers, and telephone support available 7 days a week. West CD-ROM Libraries use PREMISE Research Software, developed for professional research and specifically legal research. It combines the familiarity of book research with the efficiency of computer-assisted research resulting in a flexible and powerful search software for legal research. For product information contact Kevin Crimmins, West Group Sales Representative, at 860-485-1655 or by fax at 860-485-1560.