Case Histories

Case Histories for Connecticut Superior Court Opinions Reported in the Connecticut Law Reporter. Guilford, CT: The Connecticut Law Book Company, Inc., 1992-Present. Presents case histories for Connecticut Superior Court opinions reported in the Connecticut Law Reporter. Included are appellate action by the Connecticut Supreme Court and Connecticut Appellate Court, and citations in later Superior Court opinions reported in the Connecticut Law Reporter.

Digest of Decisions

Dowling, Donald H.: Digest of Decisions: Connecticut. Enfield, CT: Commission of Official Legal Publications, 1982. 10 volume set. Updated by a four volume supplement published in 1989 and an annual softbound supplement. Covers all cases reported from volume 130 to the current volume of the Connecticut Reports, all volumes of the Connecticut Appellate Reports, all volumes of the Connecticut Supplement and all volumes of the Connecticut Circuit Court Reports.

Phillips' Connecticut Digest

Phillips, Richard H.: Phillips' Connecticut Digest. Enfield, CT: Commission on Official Legal Publications, 1943. 3 volume set. Covers decisions reported from Kirby's Reports to volume 129 of Connecticut Reports. Dowling's Digest has incorporated all material printed in the supplements to Phillips' Digest and the Connecticut Circuit Court Reports Digest of Decisions.

Shepard's Connecticut Case Names Citations

Shepard's Connecticut Case Names Citations, Rochester, NY: Lexis, Current Compilation of case names and citations of Connecticut cases decided from 1814 to the present. Kept current with periodic supplementation.

Shepard's Connecticut Citations: Statutes and Cases

Shepard's Connecticut Citations: Statutes and Cases., Rochester, NY: Lexis, Current Case citations available online through LEXIS and WESTLAW. One volume is the statute citator and the second volume is the case citator which comes in two parts. Part 1 covers the Supreme Court Reports and earlier Miscellaneous Reports and Part 2 covers the Connecticut Appellate Reports, Connecticut Reports, Connecticut Circuit Court Reports, and Atlantic Reporter (CT cases only). Set is supplemented by 1991-1997 bound supplement, along with annual cumulative supplements and cumulative advance sheets. Shepard's Connecticut Express Citations is no longer published.

West's Connecticut Digest

West's Connecticut Digest. St. Paul, MN: West , Current. Covers decisions of the Connecticut state courts and the federal district courts located in Connecticut and includes references to the Connecticut Bar Journal, the Yale Law Journal, the Opinions of the Attorney General and Corpus Juris Secundum. Any Connecticut decision reported in the Atlantic Reporter and those Connecticut cases reported prior to the commencement of West's National Reporter System are included. Kept current by cumulative annual pocket parts, pamphlets and replacement volumes.