Covering the Courts in CT

Covering the Courts in Connecticut. Hartford, CT: Hartford County Bar Association - Bar-Media Committee, 1982. 1 volume, looseleaf. Includes bibliography. Based on a Bar-Media workshop held by the committee on October 7, 1982.

CT Mental Health Law Practice

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Casualty Claims Law in CT

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Plain Talk About Contested Cases

Plain Talk About Contested Cases: A Manual on Administrative Law. Hartford, CT: Chief State Attorney General's Office, 1986.

The Handbook of CT School Law

A Practical Guide to Connecticut School Law. Hartford, CT: Connecticut Association of Boards of Education, 2003.

Technology and Law - Planning

Technology and the Law--Planning for Internet Intricacies, Online Obstacles and Computer Crises. Fairfield, CT: The Connecticut Law Tribune, 1997. Connecticut Law Tribune Special Report Supplement.

Legal Rights of the Handicapped

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CT State Verdict Survey - 1997

Connecticut State Verdict Survey (2002). Horsham, PA: Jury Verdict Research, 2002. Provides analysis of personal injury verdicts. Summarizes recent verdicts, analyzes award trends, compares state figures to national trends. Provides amounts, liabilities, expenses and names of expert witnesses and attorneys.

Collection of Accounts - Law in CT

Cooperman, Arnold L. Collection of Accounts - The Law in Connecticut. St. Paul, MN: West, 1980. Out of print. Kept current with irregular pocket part supplements. Last supplemented in 1993. New supplement published October 1995. Call 800-241-3561 for more information.

Nursing Law in Connecticut

Kogurt, Michael et al. Connecticut Nursing Law Update. Eau Claire, WI: National Business Institute, Inc., 2003.

CT Insurance Law Journal

Connecticut Insurance Law Journal. Hartford, CT: University of Connecticut School of Law. Each volume consists of Spring and Fall issues. To order, call (860) 570-5308 or send an e-mail to