Corporate Law

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To order contact the office of the Attorney General at (860) 566-5374 and ask for Patty Sullivan. The Digest is published annually and supplemented during the interim. Supplements must be ordered separately. Libraries receive the Digest free.

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How to develop strategies, discover assets, ethics in collections, and collection of judgments.

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Contains full text of Titles 33, 34 and 36B and selected full-text provisions; also contains selected provisions on Superior Court procedure in civil and criminal cases, rules of professional conduct.

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Features text of revised Ct Business Corporation Act effective 1/1/97, CBA and ABA model act commentaries, official forms, legislative history, and full text of Title 33.

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Comes with software (5.25″ or 3.5″ DOS or WordPerfect). Kept current with annual supplementation.

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Comprehensive text on the Connecticut Stock Corporation Act with forms and the full text of relevant statutes. Out of print, unavailable for purchase. See Ford, Marilyn for current edition.

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Each volume can be purchased separately.

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Includes the complete Connecticut Corporate Statutes (Title 33), the Limited Partnership Act (Title 34), and the Trademark Laws (Title 35). Also includes forms.

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Practical handbook to organizing limited liability companies in Connecticut. The author has also created the first integrated software and manual for organizing Connecticut LLCs. The electronic forms are available in WordPerfect format or ASCII format, with or without the handbook.