Labor & Employment Law

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Contains information on state workers’ compensation laws and indemnity benefit levels.

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Kept current with periodic supplementation. Latest supplement issued in 1988-89.

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A video accompanies the manual and serves as an educational training source. For more information, call the Labor Law Department – Pepe & Hazard at 860-522-5175.

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Last revision was done in 1993. Usually updated every two to three years. Call Labor Dept. for current edition, 860-566-2393.

Connecticut Labor Market Review. Wethersfield, CT: Connecticut Department of Labor – Office of Research. Monthly.

This newsletter is prepared by the Office of Research from information compiled from statistics gathered by the Connecticut Department of Labor. It features the labor markets of various cities in Connecticut. Contact Office of Research at 860-566-3462.

Connecticut Worker’s Compensation Review Opinions. Charlottesville, VA: Lexis Law Publishing, 1982 – present.

Includes full text of all opinions issued since the creation of the Compensation Review Division of the Workers’ Compensation Commission of the Labor Department in 1979. Publication of Review Board Opinions discontinued January 1998. CT Workers Compensation Commission to possibly publish opinions. Opinions are available 1/1/96-present on worldwide web site at, including links to statutes, regulations and other opinions. Printable through a browser.

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The Precedent Manual provides a digest to all Connecticut laws pertaining to unemployment compensation and includes case indexes.

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Comprehensive reference manual covering both state and federal laws and regulations relating to the employer-employee relationship. Kept current with periodic supplementation

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Labor Situation. Wethersfield, CT.: Connecticut Department of Labor. Monthly.

Part of the Personal Income Series published by the Department of Labor. Lists the Connecticut Personal Income and Connecticut Wage statistics and includes all wages and salaries subject to the state and civilian federal unemployment programs based on place of employment.

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Kept current with annual releases and interim updates.

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Kept current with annual supplementation. New edition expected in Spring 1999.

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This is the Worker’s Compensation Act as amended to January 1, 1995. Price is free if able to pick it up personally, otherwise it is $3.00 (postage & handling). Contact the Board of Commissioners, Connecticut State Worker’s Compensation, 999 Asylum Ave., Hartford, CT 06105. Call 860-566-4154.