Connecticut General Statutes

Connecticut General Statutes. Hartford, CT: Secretary of State, Current. Official "Blue Set" published biennially in paper bound format. Information must be updated by referencing the Connecticut Public and Special Acts for the years since the publication of the revised statutes. Individual volumes can be purchased. Also available online through LEXIS and WESTLAW, or on the CD-ROM products mentioned above. Price List

Connecticut Public & Special Acts

Connecticut Public and Special Acts. Hartford, CT: Secretary of State, Annual. Official softbound annual publication. Must retain two years' worth to up date biennial official Connecticut General Statutes. Price List

Connecticut General Statutes Annotated

Connecticut General Statutes Annotated. St. Paul, MN: .West Group. Hardbound multi volume set updated by annual pocket parts and softbound supplements. Individual volumes can be purchased and kept current. Also available on WESTLAW and on the West Connecticut CD-ROM Library.

West's Connecticut Legislative Service

West's Connecticut Legislative Service. St. Paul, MN: West Group. Monthly updates to the Connecticut General Statutes Annotated. Retain until new annual pocket parts arrive.

Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies

Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies. Enfield, CT: Commission on Official Legal Publications. Multi-volume, looseleaf. Official blue publication, updated by irregular supplements and through notices published in the Connecticut Law Journal. Also available on Connecticut CD-ROM products previously mentioned.

Directory of Regulatory Services

Directory of Regulatory Revisions. Farmington, CT: Administrative Publications, Inc. Looseleaf. Kept current by monthly cumulative supplementation. Retain annual cumulation of regulations. This information is now being published in the Connecticut Law Journal on a monthly basis. Practitioners who purchase CD-ROM products containing the current Connecticut State Regulations will probably not need this service. Regulations could be checked via the Connecticut Law Journal to update the time period between CD-ROM update releases.