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Needs assessments

“We take time to assess the needs of the firm contracting us by meeting with the attorneys individually and discussing the work they do and what types of materials with which they currently work, asking them if they know of any materials they think they may need that they do not have, and what would their “wish list” be. We inform them of some of the subscriptions currently in place as well as those that are out-of-date to determine if they still need them. From there it is a process of cancelling and/or renewing subscriptions, ordering any new publications and getting them to the point where they have all the “necessary tools” in place going forward to do their job in the most efficient way possible with the research tools they need. During this process, we work to reduce costs to the best of our ability by determining just what is needed and what they may have possibly been paying for that they no longer need due to changes in the firm or resources that are available to them on-line either free or in their Westlaw/Lexis contracts of which they may not be aware. From there we continue to handle all the subscriptions, purchasing or cancelling subscriptions or books, and processing of invoices all with the intention of keeping the Library maintained to fit the firm’s needs on an ongoing basis.”–Kathleen Comeau, Law Librarian, McCaughtry & Associates

Law library management

“During the twenty years that I have worked with McCaughtry & Associates, they have always provided exceptional library management services. Our firm’s information resources, whether print or electronic, are current, well matched to our firm’s needs and obtained within our budget constraints. On a personal level, Dottie and her colleagues are most pleasant and cooperative.“–Elliott Pollack, Pullman & Company

Professional staffing

“Having been a McCaughtry & Associates client over three decades, I can attest to the consummate professionalism Dottie and her team bring to a law firm or business.”–Christine Graesser, Head Legislative Librarian, Connecticut Legislative Library

Breadth of services

“Over the past two decades that I have been involved with the Connecticut law library community, when it comes to providing consultation, filing services and temporary personnel, McCaughtry & Associates always comes to mind–first and foremost. Their services are always first rate and I have enjoyed working with their experienced staff for many years. So it is easy for me to say, I highly recommend McCaughtry & Associates for legal and corporate library service needs.”–Joe Williams, Senior Manager of Information Resources, Day Pitney LLP

Collection organization

“McCaughtry & Associates follow very methodical steps. They carefully listen to a client’s needs, then they determine the time, cost and staff that’s required to best fulfill the job. Finally they effectively implement it, providing the client with regular progress reports in the process. That way, satisfaction is guaranteed!”–Elizabeth Abbe, Director of Public Outreach, Connecticut Historical Society

Library administration

“As a business person, who doesn’t know legal research (and doesn’t want to), I have relied upon McCaughtry & Associates as my Library Department. Dottie and her staff function as employees who perform their roles without heavy direction or oversight. They take the initiative to communicate directly with the attorneys and vendors while keeping me in the loop. Dottie has personally managed the RFP process and has educated me on the important issues in selecting Westlaw and Lexis for the firm. What a blessing to have as much or as little knowledgeable staff without the corresponding expense.”–Bob Schaefer, Director of Administration, Rogin Nassau, LLC

Corporate library management

“As a librarian in a large corporation where department members are located in many business units all over the world, one of the most important duties is to make sure that everyone has the resources and library services they need–no matter where they are situated–all with the library budget in mind. Some of the services we provide our corporate clients include: answering reference/research questions, disseminating current legal news, publication of a bi-monthly library newsletter and oversight of looseleaf filing. We also act as a gatekeeper between the busy department heads and outside vendors–meeting with salespeople, evaluating new materials and rendering a professional opinion on whether to buy new legal products. If new materials are purchased, we negotiate the contract, train the department in its many locations and troubleshoot any problems that occur.”–Karen Hannigan, McCaughtry & Associates

Attorney support services

“McCaughtry & Associates, Inc. has been part of my life as an attorney for twenty years, and I’m very glad that they have been! To say that they are excellent librarians is to only scratch the surface of their expertise. No matter how difficult the question, no matter how esoteric the publication, they answer it, find it, and provide all the resources I need to do my job better. They provide vital, enthusiastic support for my practice, making me an appreciative fan for all these years and I hope for years to come.”–Diane W. Whitney, Pullman & Comley

Special projects

“Erin McCaughtry worked on compiling NAIC Code information and contact information for our firm’s top clients. It was a rather time consuming project, but Erin did an excellent job. She compiled and presented the data in a user friendly spreadsheet which was a great timesaver for the firm. I have always found Erin to be a very “can do” librarian. She [has] excellent computer skills which together with her library skills makes her a highly desirable employee.”–Nancy Marcove, Robinson & Cole

Professional partnerships

“I’m happy to support business partners of the ALA. My firm works with a number of Nutmeg Chapter business partners including Dottie McCaughtry from McCaughtry & Associates. We’ve built a great working relationship over the past ten years, and the value that McCaughtry & Associates provides to my firm is tremendous.”–Angie DiDomenico, Manager of Legal Administration, Neubert, Pepe & Monteith, P.C.

Research assistance

“I think [McCaughtry & Associates does] a wonderful job. They are extremely responsive and resourceful, have helped me out a great deal, and are simply a great asset.”–Thomas C. Blatchley, Attorney

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