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Connecticut Bar Journal

Connecticut Bar Journal. Published: Rocky Hill, CT : Connecticut Bar Association, 1927- present. Quarterly. Provides commentaries on the law and recent case decisions. Incudes annual reports and an annual directory of members of the Connecticut Bar.

Encyclopedia of Current Causes of Action

Published: Connecticut Law Tribune, 2017. Authors: Daniel J. Kirsch and Michael S. Taylor. The Encylopedia of Current Causes of Action is a single volume desk reference which compiles, outlines and indexes theories of recovery under Connecticut law. There’s nothing like it presently available to Connecticut practitioners. Organized into three sections: common law actions, statutory actions and administrative appeals, it also contains relevant statutes of limitation, and requisites for recovering attorneys’ fees. The desk book contains notes on applicable procedure and rules, an extensive common word index, and tables of cases and statutes. The Encyclopedia of Connecticut Causes of Action is a quick reference to unfamiliar subjects and a starting point for analysis of any new matter. It is a welcome resource for firms without an extensive law library.

Connecticut Law Review

Connecticut Law Review. Hartford, CT: University of Connecticut Law Review Association, 1968 – present. Contains symposium reports, notes, and comments on cases and recent changes in the law. Published from December 1947 to March 1968 as the law review section of the Connecticut Bar Journal. Currently published 3 times per year.

Connecticut Lawyers’ Deskbook

Connecticut Lawyers’ Deskbook. 3rd ed. Rocky Hill, CT: Connecticut Bar Association, 2008. Contains 28 chapters including bankruptcy, business law, criminal law, debt collection, family law, labor & employment, personal injury, product liability, real property, social security, wills & trusts and workers compensation. Includes lists of cases and statutes, practice tips, basic principles and bibliographies.

Connecticut Practice Series

Series available from Thomson Reuters

Volume 1 – Connecticut Superior Court Civil Rules. Horton, Hrelic, Knox, Levesque, West, Current. Softbound.

Volume 1A – Connecticut Juvenile Law. Horton, Hrelic, Knox, Levesque, West, Current. Softbound.

Volumes 2, 3 & 3A – Connecticut Civil Practice Forms. Effron & Kaye, West, Current. Hardbound.

Volume 4 – Criminal Procedure. Borden, Gold, & Orland, West, Current. Hardbound.

Volume 5 & 5A – Criminal Jury Instructions. Borden & Orland, West, Current. Hardbound.

Volume 6 – Connecticut Trial Practice. Yules, West, Current. Hardbound.

Volume 7, 8 & 8A – Family Law & Practice with Forms. Hogan, Oldham,& Rutkin, West, Current. Hardbound.

Family Law Statutes. West, Current. Softbound.

Volume 9, 9A, & 9B – Connecticut Land Use Law & Practice. Fuller, West, Current. Hardbound.

Volume 10 – Criminal Law. Borden, Gold, & Orland, West, Current. Hardbound.

Volume 11 – Connecticut Rules of Evidence. West, Current. Softbound.

Volume 12 – Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices. Belt, Langer, & Morgan, West, Current. Hardbound.

Volume 13 – Connecticut Construction Law. Rosengren, West, Current. Hardbound.

Volume 14 & 14A – Connecticut Employment Law & Appendices. Harris & Peikes, West, Current. Hardbound.

Volume 15 – Connecticut Environmental Protection Act. Brooks & Sherwood, West, Current. Hardbound.

Volume 16 & 16A – Connecticut Elements of an Action. Merritt, West, Current. Softbound.

Volume 17 – Connecticut Motions in Limine. Boggess & Finley, West, Current. Softbound.

Volume 18 – Connecticut Summary Judgment. Carlson, West, Current. Softbound.

Volume 19 & 19A – Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Law. Carter, Civitello, Dodge, Pomeranz & Strunk, West, Current. Hardbound.

Volume 20 – Connecticut Elder Law. McEvoy, West, Current. Softbound.

Volume 21 – Connecticut DUI Law. Sills & Tomeo, West, Current. Softbound.

Connecticut Rules of Appellate Procedure. Bartschi & Horton, West, Current. Softbound.

Connecticut Rules of Court

“provides the rules of court and civil practice guides needed to practice before the state and federal courts of Connecticut.”Thomson Reuters, publisher.

Connecticut Rules of Court – State and State KeyRules (Vols. I-IA)
Connecticut Rules of Court – Federal and Federal KeyRules (Vols. II-IIA)

Dupont on Connecticut Civil Practice

Dupont, Ralph P. Dupont on Connecticut Civil Practice. Charlottesville, VA : Lexis Law Pub., 1998-

Discusses practical approaches to civil practice problems. Contains a full discussion of the rules in text with supporting footnotes. Each Superior Court rule and associated practice problem is discussed with reference to the Connecticut General Statutes, the Practice Book, case law, and local judicial procedures. Includes official forms and comments on handling proceedings before state and local disciplinary committees.

Connecticut Trial Evidence Notebook

Faulkner, Dale P. and Graves, Shelley L. Connecticut Trial Evidence Notebook, 2nd Edition. Charlottesville, VA: Lexis Publishing. 1999. One volume, loose-leaf.

An alphabetically arranged compilation of nearly 500 of the state’s evidentiary rules and common evidentiary topics which arise in civil cases. Identifies the issue, recites the rule and gives explanatory commentary. Cites cases, statutes, the Connecticut Practice Book, and other authorities. Kept current with periodic supplementation.

Freedom of Information Act

Freedom of Information Act: A Handbook : Municipal Responsibilities and other Relevant Information for Connecticut Cities and Towns under Connecticut’s New “Sunshine Law.” New Haven, CT: Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, 1976- Multi-volume set, loose-leaf.

Includes text of the Freedom of Information Act. Kept current with periodic supplementation.

Alternate Dispute Resolution in Connecticut’s Courts

Hodgson, J. & Louis Parley. Alternate Dispute Resolution in Connecticut’s Courts. West Hartford, CT: Atlantic Law Book Co., Updtated to August 17, 2011.

Connecticut Evidence

Holden, Benedict M., Jr. and Daly, John J. Connecticut Evidence. West Hartford, CT: Atlantic Law Book Co., Current. 2 volume set, loose-leaf. Kept current with periodic supplementation.

A Practical Guide – REMOVE? not found anywhere including on NBI website

Bright, William, Jr. et al. A Practical Guide to Federal Court Rules and Procedures in Connecticut. Eau Claire, WI: National Business Institute, Inc., 2003.

Connecticut Environmental Practice

Kosloff, Alan M. and Batchelor, Suzanne M. Connecticut Environmental Practice: Regulations and Compliance. Charlottesville, VA.: Michie-Butterworth, 1993. 2 volume set. Out of print.

Appellate Procedure

Maltbie, William M. Appellate Procedure in the Supreme Court of Errors of Connecticut, 2nd ed. West Hartford, CT: Atlantic Law Book Co., 1957. Out of print. Includes cases reported through volume 155 of Connecticut Reports. Latest pocket supplementation was published in 1968.

Probate Clerk’s Manual

Probate Clerk’s Manual (6th edition). West Hartford, CT: Office of the Probate Court Administrator. 2001- 1 volume, loose-leaf. Kept current with periodic supplementation.

Professional Responsibility Reference Guide

Professional Responsibility Reference Guide. Rocky Hill, CT: Connecticut Bar Association, Professional Ethics Committee. Includes formal and informal opinions, as well as the Rules of Professional Conduct. Published annually.

Connecticut Product Liability Law

Rotondo, James & Paul Williams. Connecticut Product Liability Law. West Hartford, CT: Atlantic Law Book Company. Current.

Stephenson’s Connecticut Civil Procedures

Stephenson’s Connecticut Civil Procedures, 3rd ed. West Hartford, CT: Atlantic Law Book Company, Current. Comprehensive treatise on Connecticut civil procedure. Kept current with periodic supplementation.

Connecticut Appellate Practice and Procedure

Prescott, Eliot D. & Colin C. Tait. Connecticut Appellate Practice and Procedure, 5th ed. Hartford, Connecticut : Connecticut Law Tribune, 2016. Comprehensive treatise on Connecticut Appellate Court practice and procedure.

Tait’s Handbook of Connecticut Evidence 

Tait, Colin C. & Prescott, Eliot D. Tait’s Handbook of Connecticut Evidence, 5th ed. 2014. New York NY : Wolters Kluwer Law & Business. Written by Colin C. Tait, widely regarded as the top authority on Connecticut Evidence Law, and the Hon. Eliot D. Prescott, a Superior Court judge and experienced trial and appellate attorney, this comprehensive treatise provides a complete restatement of the Connecticut Law of Evidence, drawing from the Code, case law, statutes, and court rules of practice. Updated annually. 

Connecticut Jury Instructions 

Wright, Douglas B. and Ankerman, William L. Connecticut Jury Instructions, 4th ed. (Civil) West Hartford, CT: Atlantic Law Book Co., Current. 2 volume set, hardbound. Kept current with periodic supplementation. 

Connecticut Law of Torts 

Wright, Douglas B.; Fitzgerald, John R.; and Ankerman, William L. Connecticut Law of Torts, 3rd ed. West Hartford, CT: Atlantic Law Book Co., Current. Comprehensive text on the tort law of Connecticut. Kept current periodic supplements. 

Connecticut Criminal Legal Forms 

Richard Marano. Connecticut Criminal Legal Forms. West Hartford, CT: Atlantic Law Book Co., 2 volumes. 


Connecticut Practice Electronic Resources

Connecticut Practice Book (and Revisions)

Connecticut Practice Book. Enfield, CT: Commission on Official Legal Publications, 2017 (Revision of the 1998 version). This resource, including revisions, amendments, and proposed revisions, are available online from the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch.

United States District Court. District of Connecticut.

United States District Court – District of Connecticut web pages provides links to the Federal Rules of Civil & Criminal Procedure and the Local Rules for the United States District Court of Connecticut.

Opinions of the Attorney General – while trying to find out if this is still available from LEXIS or West, I came across the fact that the opinions are now available online from the Attorney General’s office website. However, perhaps the compilation affords indexing better than the searchable texts online? 

Opinions of the Attorney General. Hartford, CT: Chief State Attorney General’s Office, 1984-1988. Available online through LEXIS and WESTLAW or on West’s CD-ROM library for Connecticut. judicial branch website

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